Exploring Beale Wildlife Park: A Hidden Gem in Berkshire, UK


Located in the heart of Berkshire, UK, Beale Wildlife Park is a hidden gem that promises a unique and unforgettable experience for nature lovers of all ages. Boasting stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and engaging activities, this park offers a perfect blend of education, conservation, and entertainment. In this blog, we will delve into the wonders of Beale Wildlife Park and discover why it is a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike.


History and Background

Beale Wildlife Park was established in 1956 by Gilbert Beale, an avid animal enthusiast and conservationist. What started as a small collection of exotic birds has now transformed into a sprawling 30-acre park, home to a wide variety of animals, birds, and reptiles from all around the world. The park’s primary focus is on conservation, education, and animal welfare, making it an ideal destination for families, school trips, and animal lovers.


Exploring the Wildlife

One of the main highlights of Beale Wildlife Park is its diverse range of wildlife. As you wander through the park, you will encounter over 200 species of animals, including meerkats, lemurs, wallabies, red pandas, and capybaras. The park is also home to a large herd of fallow deer, which adds to the natural beauty of the surroundings. Beale Wildlife Park provides a safe and natural habitat for these animals, allowing visitors to observe them up close and learn about their unique characteristics and behaviours.


Educational Opportunities

Beale Wildlife Park takes pride in its commitment to education and offers a range of educational opportunities for visitors. The park’s knowledgeable staff provide informative talks and interactive sessions, allowing visitors to learn about the animals, their habitats, and the importance of conservation. Additionally, Beale Wildlife Park organises educational workshops for schools, enabling students to gain hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of wildlife conservation.


Conservation Efforts

Conservation lies at the heart of Beale Wildlife Park’s mission. The park actively participates in various breeding programs and conservation initiatives to protect endangered species and preserve their habitats. By visiting the park, you contribute directly to these conservation efforts, as a portion of the admission fees goes towards supporting these programs. Beale Wildlife Park also collaborates with local and international organisations to raise awareness about the importance of conservation and to promote sustainable practices.


Engaging Activities

Apart from the diverse wildlife, Beale Wildlife Park offers a range of engaging activities for visitors. The park features a large adventure playground, complete with swings, slides, and climbing frames, providing endless entertainment for children. For those seeking a more adventurous experience, the park offers a treetop walkway, where visitors can stroll amidst the treetops and enjoy breathtaking views of the park. Boat trips along the River Thames, which runs alongside the park, are also available, allowing visitors to explore the beauty of the surrounding area.


Dining and Relaxation

Beale Wildlife Park understands the importance of relaxation and offers a variety of dining options for visitors. The Peacock Restaurant serves a selection of delicious meals, snacks, and refreshments, catering to different dietary preferences. Additionally, the park features several picnic areas, where visitors can enjoy a packed lunch amidst the picturesque surroundings. Whether you prefer a sit-down meal or a casual picnic, Beale Wildlife Park ensures that you have plenty of options to refuel and recharge during your visit.



Beale Wildlife Park is a true sanctuary for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, and families seeking a day of adventure and relaxation. With its diverse range of animals, educational opportunities, conservation efforts, and engaging activities, this park offers a unique and enriching experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful stroll amidst nature or an action-packed day of exploration, Beale Wildlife Park in Berkshire, UK is the perfect destination to reconnect with wildlife and immerse yourself in the wonders of the natural world.