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The Environmental Trust for Berkshire

Posted by Administrator : Thursday 8th October 2015

CCB is responsible for the administration of the Environmental Trust for Berkshire. The Environmental Trust can help local organizations access funds of around £100,000 each year for environmental projects in Berkshire.

The Trust will consider funding projects in Berkshire that align with the objectives of ENTRUST, the Government Regulator, which has to endorse each project before funds are released. The Trust provides applicants with forms and written guidance on how to fill them in as well as advice over the phone in cases of doubt.

Proposals for funding need to be aimed at fulfilling one of the following:

  • Reclamation, remediation, restoration or other operation on land where a previous activity has restricted its use
  • Prevention, reduction or mitigation of the effects of pollution on land because of a now ceased activity
  • Research and development, education or the collection or dissemination of information generally for encouraging the use of more sustainable waste management practices
  • where for environmental protection, the provision, improvement or maintenance of a public park or other public amenity in the vicinity of a landfill site
  • Where for environmental protection or restoration of a building or other structure which is a place of religious worship or of historical or architectural interest, open to the public and in the vicinity of a landfill site.

Success stories

Projects for which the Trust has recently awarded grants include:

  • funding a workshop/show for primary schools on the theme of waste and recycling (Beth the bin lady and the fabulous green machine, planned for Spring 2002)
  • construction of a fish pass at Greenham Mill
  • setting up a web-site dealing with broad environmental issues in the Kennet Valley
  • several projects to improve Nature Trails and Nature reserves
  • Both the Bin Lady and the Fabulous Green Machine - the Watermill Theatre gave 15 performances at 12 primary schools in Berkshire in June 2002.

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