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The Community Council for Berkshire

Posted by Administrator : Thursday 8th October 2015

The Community Council for Berkshire (CCB) is one of a national network of independent charities working to overcome social exclusion. The CCB has a particular remit to enhance and enable communities in rural villages and towns.

CCB plays a vital role in partnership with the Countryside Agency, local authorities, the NHS and other governmental agencies helping to set up a variety of voluntary sector solutions to issues of public importance.

CCB’s experienced staff, based in Reading and Newbury, together with our extensive library of periodicals and bulletins, enables us to provide a “one-stop-shop” for information and specialist help on such issues as:

  • Rural Affairs
  • Rural transport
  • Village halls
  • Village shops
  • Community Development projects
  • Vital Villages
  • Rural Towns
  • Useful Links
  • Training
  • Funding
  • Charity advice and information
  • The Environmental Trust
  • Community groups including Friendship Clubs
  • Strategic and local partnerships
  • Events

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