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Community Transport

Posted by Administrator : Thursday 8th October 2015

West Berkshire Rural Transport Partnership

The West Berkshire Rural Transport Partnership (RTP) covers the area of the West Berkshire Council.

The RTP’s aim is to enhance rural transport services in West Berkshire, to secure long term improvement in access to work, services and social activities and to improve access for visitors to the countryside.


Anyone with an interest in rural transport issues in West Berkshire is welcome to attend our meetings. Partners represent a full range of interests and backgrounds including the public sector, voluntary sector and commercial organizations of all sizes.

What we do

The RTP is fundamentally a ‘doing’ partnership, which seeks to approve, fund and implement projects which will significantly improve rural transport provision. To achieve this a full-time Manager is employed to identify potential projects, obtain approval from the RTP membership, seek sources of extra funding where needed and manage approved projects on behalf of the partnership. The Manager is also available to advise organizations on developing local projects and applications.

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