Vital Villages

Posted : Thursday 8th October 2015

Take Action in your Village

People living in villages can play an important role in overcoming the problems they face in accessing essential services, leisure opportunities and community facilities thanks to a new grant scheme from the Countryside Agency.

In the South East, the work of the Vital Villages programme will focus on helping communities solve a variety of the challenges villages face in the 21st century. It will help local people take stock of their position and the problems they face and create an action plan to address their own needs. The Countryside Agency will also provide advice and funding for villages who wish to improve local transport and essential services with the funds of over £1m to spend on the South East’s villages this year.

The Countryside Agency’s Vital Villages programme encompasses four main grant schemes:

Parish Plans Grants to fund the creation of action plans which examine and tackle the social, economic and environmental issues facing a village.

Community Services Grants to help communities maintain or introduce services which are local priorities, for example child care schemes or helping a village shop.

Parish Transport Grants to support a wide range of small scale projects to meet the transport needs of the local community.

Rural Transport Partnerships to enable the creation of local partnerships to plan and implement solutions to local transport needs.

Information about the Vital Villages programme can be found in a Countryside Agency leaflet: ‘Revitalize your village’.

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