Vital Villages

Posted by Administrator : Thursday 8th October 2015

Take Action in your Village! 

People living in villages can play an important role in overcoming the problems they face in accessing essential services, leisure opportunities and community facilities thanks to a new grant scheme from the Countryside Agency.

 In the South East, the work of the Vital Villages programme will focus on helping communities solve a variety of the challenges villages face in the 21st century. It will help local people take stock of their position and the problems they face and create an action plan to address their own needs. 

What is a Market Town?

Posted by Administrator : Thursday 8th October 2015

The term 'market town' is commonly used today as a generic term to refer to all smaller rural service centers and not just those that host traditional agricultural markets.

According to the Countryside Agency, market towns are primarily defined by their capacity to act as a focal point for trade and services for a rural hinterland.

They will also usually have a population of between 2,000 and 20,000 people (but population size is less important than the town's potential to act as a hub for its local rural economy).

Strategic and Local Partnerships

Posted by Administrator : Thursday 8th October 2015

In its unique position as an umbrella, enabling organization spanning all six Berkshire unitary authorities, CCB is able play a role in raising the voice of the voluntary sector and rural community at a number of levels. 

Since the re-organization of local government in Berkshire, we have developed good relationships with the six unitary authorities, as well as with parish and town councils. We are therefore well placed to feed into the strategic planning processes at both a local and regional level.

Rural Affairs

Posted by Administrator : Thursday 8th October 2015

CCB’s Rural Team can offer technical expertise, information and advice for those living in the more rural parts of Berkshire.

Our aim is to help promote, sustain and develop strong and vibrant communities. There are well over a hundred diverse rural communities with individual families who have specific needs which set them apart from the urban communities which surround them.

Rural Community Development

Posted by Administrator : Thursday 1st October 2015

Parish Plans and other community participation exercises can provide rural communities with the opportunity of deciding how they want their community to develop in the future.

CCB can help in the process by providing expertise. Parish Plans are usually led by the parish council but ideally should involve all sections of the community. Knowing where you are now and where you want to be in the future provides a focus to the community and is usually a requirement for securing external funding.

Basic Tips for Twitter Beginners

Posted by Administrator : Monday 4th February 2013

1. Choose the shortest Twitter handle you can

Tweets are 140 characters long and your Twitter name is part of those 140 characters.

2. Get an avatar

Add a picture of your own. For personal accounts a face avatar is probably best. Brands usually use their logos.

3. Leave room for retweets

One of the things people want you to do with their tweets is to retweet (RT) them.
** Bonus tip: Use a URL shortener like Tiny URL or to shorten links in tweets.

Plumber Tips : Stoping a Leaking Tap

Posted by Administrator : Monday 14th January 2013

It is quite common for your tap to have an irritating drip, This is usually because someone hasn't turned it off tightly enough, or a bit of rubber inside it has wasted away to nothing. Take a good look at the tap. Is it dripping from the spout? If so, a washer has gone. Is it dripping from the top? If so, an O-ring needs replacing.

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